SERIOUS ISSUES DEATH WITHIN OUR STATE HOSPITALS Ladies and gentleman. We are facing a huge problem within most of our state hospitals and clinics within the Republic Of South Africa after the political motivated affirmative action decided to replace competence with job creation. Today, I will be discussing Uitenhage Provincial Hospital as all my previous experiences with this particular hospital and their management turned out to be a nightmare as numerous meetings with management did not bring any change to the current conditions. It is time for the public to protect their loved ones by acting against this malpractices which kills their loved ones. There are five questions. Why dont they die themselves, Why are they not fired and replaced, Why are they not being educated, Why are they not being prosecuted, Why are they not being properly supervised and inspected? The public pays their salaries, facilities and equipment via taxes and sigarette sales. In fact, sigarette smokers pays their salaries. No smoking, no smoking, but thank you for smoking as our salaries depends on it. Well, smoking is not the real issue here. Let's get back to the senseless killing of our loved ones. The lack of prioritizing, The lack of response time, The lack of competence, The lack of caring, The lack of productivity, The lack of responsibility, The lack of discipline and the presence of lazyness. All this lacks results in medical negligence which are mostly the course of most deaths within our state hospitals today. I am not a registered doctor, but I do know a lot more than most of the practical students who serves their time within our state hospitals. The wheelchairs and even the crutches are in a terrable state as the affirmative job seekers demands salaries which do not allow any extra money for maintaining the equipment. We need to stop this kind of crap as we are the paymasters and we are responsible for saving the lives of our loved ones. I will be meeting with the management of Uitenhage Provincial Hospital again this week as I will not allow any patients to die due to any form of malpractices anymore. I challenge the medical board to appoint me as an independent inspector and I promise them that they will have more disciplinary hearings as that they will be able to handle. The mortality rate will also drop by 90 percent. The patients and their families will suffer less tears and the staff will be educated better. This hospital needs a piece of white trash like me to get it up to the correct standards again as I prefer to work alone while not having any friends at the workplace. I do not belief in teamwork as I am not a joiner of the current system. I do not beg for change. I demand change. I really hope that the public will support me with this initiative as we need to save our loved ones from this murderous malpractices. It is senseless to cry when a loved one dies as crying will not bring them back. It makes more sense to rather prevent our loved ones from dying by caring to act now. You are welcome to drop me an email in support if you would like to join my struggle against medical malpractice.